History of the house

The house was built in 1920 for Jokioinen “syrup factory” owner/directors family. 

Engineer Victor Norrman lived in the house with his family until 1927. 

Then the second owner and director Vilho Koskelo and her wife Bertha moved to the house with their children. They lived and cared for the house and garden until 1971.

The house was named as “Hunajakoto” (~“Honey home”) when the house was a home for 2 families.

In 1986 Company Suomen Sokeri Oy made renovations downstairs for the education and conference use. Second floor was still the apartment.

In 1995 the factory sold the house to private owner. Second floor served as rehabilitation home for alcoholics.

In 2004 Elise Anttinen (present owner) bought the house. House was neglected for decades and were quite bad condition. Elise started big and very interesting renovation project to make Hunajakoto as her home.

In 2010 Hunajakoto opened the doors for the customers to enjoy atmosphere and environment.

Warmly Welcome!


To those tourists who want to experience a piece of Real Finland, visit Hunajakoto in the small community of Jokioinen. The old house still has the feel of a family home and the owner Elise has done a wonderful job of restoration while adding her own charming personal touches to the decor. Equally spectacular is the job of reclaiming the yard and garden from decades of neglect. Just look at all the wonderful pictures!! I may be biased – I was born in this house and grew up in it through the 1930’s-50’s. Elise has ”listened” to this house and captured it’s spirit, and our family thanks her from the bottom of our hearts and wished her much success!! The community of Jokioinen also has points of interest to visit – and no crunch of tourists!

Pirkko (Koskelo) Dyer, Sonora, California

Pirkko wrote this to Hunajakoto facebook wall 😉

Pirkko and 3 ”originals” (Pirkko (Koskelo) Dyer, Marja (Koskelo) Petäjä and Heikki
Koskelo) visited Hunajakoto with families in
early summer 2010.